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Elephant Art, "Humbled" Living Room Wall Artwork, Birthday Gifts

Elephant Art, "Humbled" Living Room Wall Artwork, Birthday Gifts

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This Encaustic Painting "Humbled" was created using layers if Encaustic wax, then carving the adorable elephant into the wax. May we always be humble.  This was created on a 12X12X1 wood board, comes with white frame as seen in pictures and comes with steel hanger on back, ready to be hung on the wall.
Encaustic artwork is made by melting beeswax to a liquid, adding pigments, and using it as paint. This art medium dates to the Egyptian era. When it cools/hardens the artwork has so much texture and life.

The ocean is a big healing place that takes your thoughts of the day away with each wave that goes back out to sea, clears them, and brings them back to you with a more peaceful answer. So, for those days you cannot get to the beach, I hope these artworks give you some peace in your everchanging world.

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Shipping: I take 1-2 days to get your artwork/candles packaged with mostly recycled materials and ready to ship, then I ship FREE 2-3 days USPS priority mail with tracking. You will receive your artwork/candles within 5- 7 business days after your purchase.

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