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Encaustic Dried Flower Artwork, Floral Wall Artwork

Encaustic Dried Flower Artwork, Floral Wall Artwork

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This Encaustic artwork was created on a 6X4 wood board and comes with black frame 5x7. A purple and white daisy were used in this creation.

Encaustic artwork is made by melting beeswax to a liquid, adding pigments, and using it as paint. This art medium dates to the Egyptian era. When it cools/hardens the artwork has so much texture and life.

Shipping: I take 1-2 days to get your artwork/candles packaged with mostly recycled materials and ready to ship, then I ship FREE 2-3 days USPS priority mail with tracking. You will receive your artwork/candles within 5- 7 business days after your purchase.

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